Research Elective Request Form

Research Elective Request Form

Students may obtain elective credit for both AOSC and non-AOSC research. Total elective credit for research (AOSC-related and non-AOSC) must not exceed 12 weeks. Students may request up to one month of research in two-week blocks (i.e., a total of two, non-contiguous two-week blocks are allowed). All other research electives must be taken in at least one-month blocks. Flex time can always be used to conduct research (including one week at a time).

All requests for research electives must be approved by the student’s research mentor and submitted to FSM Student Research for final approval before an elective can be scheduled.

A separate form must be filled out for each non-contiguous research block.

The completed form should be submitted for approval at least two weeks prior to starting the research block. You may not request elective credit for research time retroactively.

Once your elective request is approved, the registrar will be informed and the research elective will be added to your schedule in OASIS in the block you requested.